Everything about PUNCHING & CUTTING for flexible packaging materials

Founded in 1994, PACKERS Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Converting machinery, specializing in Lid & IML punching machine, Cone sleeve punching machine, Induction seal punching machine, Perforating machine, Sheet cutting machine for flexible packaging industry.

The flexible packaging material producers from all over the world are now producing various lids, labels and easy open packages for yogurt, cheese, cup noodle, coffee, water, juice, tea, beer, wine, ice cream, dry milk, detergent, lens blister, medicine and etc. by using punching and cutting machines made by PACKERS Co., Ltd..

We aim to make our customers happy. All members of PACKERS Co., Ltd. thank to customers' endless encouragement and will reward customers with best products through accumulated technology and advanced technology development.

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President   Mu Chon, Lee
Sales Director    Andrew Cho